A collection of photographs by award winning photographer, Jeff Clinedinst. 

The gallery includes a hand-picked selection of landscape, nature and unique macro pictures of hand tied flies coupled with stones from nearby trout streams.

Print will be signed/initialed in the lower right corner and arrive well packaged and flat.  Larger sizes may be drop shipped to avoid extra handling.

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5 Stones
Calming image of five stones lined up in Big Stony Creek in western Shenandoah Valley.  Big Sto..
Bass Fry
This is another good smallmouth fly tying pattern and is definitely a 'fishy' looking fly pattern an..
The Brassie is a small, simple, effective fly tying pattern that imitates caddis and midge larvae. ..
Brook Trout Print
The is a print from a an acylic painting on canvas capturing the bright colors and markings of the '..
Brown Trout Print
The is a print from a an acylic painting on canvas capturing the bright colors and markings of the B..
Caddis Fly
An olive elk hair caddis fly atop some stones from Big Stony Creek in the western Shenandoah Valley...
Cased Caddis Nymph
This is a random fly tied by a me and friend to imitate case caddis larvae.  It's some peacock ..
Casual Dress Nymph
The casual dress nymph is a simple "fishy" fly pattern, just a bit of hair and hook, but it works we..
Covered Bridge at Meems Bottom
Covered bridge at Meems Bottoms, near Mount Jackson, Virginia. The original bridge predates the Civi..
Jordan Lake Sunset
Silohuetted trees frame a dramatic sunset over Jordan Lake west of Raleigh, North Carolina. ..
Leadwing Coachman
This is a leadwing coachman wet fly pattern.  Tied with darker wings and dubbing than most, I i..
Moon River
A full moon hangs over the Shenandoah River just before the sun rises over the mountains in the east..
Mr Rapidan
A Mr. Rapidan dry fly perched atop a local stone with a fossil impression.  This fly is a ma..
Passage Creek I
A still pool reflects the Fall colors along Passage Creek that runs through Fort Valley in western V..
Passage Creek II
A panoramic photo of Passage Creek in the Fall.  Passage is a freestone trout stream that drain..
Passage Creek III
The bright colors of Fall frame the clear blue water of Passage Creek in eastern Shenandoah county, ..
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