Fish Bead Lanyard

Fish Bead Lanyard
Fish Bead Lanyard Fish Bead Lanyard Fish Bead Lanyard Fish Bead Lanyard Fish Bead Lanyard Fish Bead Lanyard Fish Bead Lanyard Fish Bead Lanyard
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- A New Design -

This custom lanyard is made with unique antique copper fish-shaped beads and contrasting gun metal rings.

SecondNature fly fishing lanyards are handmade with 550 paracord and size 1 heavy duty snap swivels. Each lanyard contains approximately 30 feet of 550 lb. test paracord that could, if necessary, be unraveled and used for many, many uses. The lanyards are finished with a selection of copper, gun metal, brass beads and decorative knotwork to create a stylish, lightweight, and practical system to organize your gear for a day on the water.



  • Woven Neck Strap   Comfortable woven neck strap contains a single 25ft. strand of 550 paracord.
  • Versatile tippet holder   Lanyards include a versatile, matching tippet holder that can be used horizontally or as a vertical dropper. The holder is a simple, functional design with a decorative knotted stopper and two snap swivels to attach to the lanyard. When used vertically, it can be attached to another snap swivel or anywhere on the lanyard and you'll have an extra snap below the stopper knot.
  • Heavy Duty Snap Swivels   Each lanyard has five heavy, size 1 dual-locking snap swivels, positioned with decorative beadwork, to attach all your gear. The oversized snap ends are approximately an inch long and are easy to grasp when you need to open or close. The dual-locking feature ensures that they stay closed and your gear stays put.
  • Stylish Metal Bead Pattern   SecondNature lanyards are designed with stylish copper, brass and gunmetal colored beads.
  • Wine Cork Fly Drying Dropper   Lanyards include a matching fly drying dropper made from a wine cork and knotted paracord to match lanyard. The cork droppers also work great on vests.
  • Shirt Clip   A shirt clip is included on the bottom of the lanyard to prevent it from swinging as you fish/walk.
  • Decorative Knotwork Loops   As a final touch, each lanyard is tied with decorative knots to form two accessory loops; one at mid lanyard and one at the back of the neck strap. The mid lanyard dropper is a good location to attach the Cork Fly Drying Dropper and the back of neck loop works well to attach a landing net or license holder.

So What Exactly is Paracord

Paracord is of military origin and was used extensively in WWII as parachute cordage and general utility cord.  Known as paracord, 550 cord, and survival cord, it is a nylon rope rated with a 550 pound breaking strenth, it is lightweight, has a smooth feel, and can be extremely versatile.  Now widely marketed as a 'survival cord', the thin rope really can have a wide range of uses, such as:  securing tents/shelters, hanging food at camp, netting, lanyards, shoelaces, belts, lashing, using inner cores for fishing line and sewing, snare trapping. 

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