About Us

The Lanyards

Second Nature Lanyards were designed by avid fly fisherman to provide a lightweight, functional, stylish altenative to fishing vests and other lanyard offerings.  I simply wanted something better.  Something that would not break, bend, dry rot, or fall apart with years of use.

Each lanyard is handmade from tough 550 paracord that is virtually indestructable.  Much thought went into the lanyards, and the final design is built around decorative and functional knotwork that will ensure the lanyard stays together. 

The Owner

We are located on the Shenandoah River in western Virginia.  Close to the Shenandoah National Park and other mountain trout streams, much of our fishing is in pursuit of the 'native' brook trout (wild trout or spec, depending on where you live) and the lanyard is a perfect fit.  We are also blessed with a great smallmouth bass fishery with the North Fork of the Shenandoah River, and spend many days wading the river.

The Photography and Artwork

The photography, artwork, and even the website design itself is the work of the owner, Jeff Clinedinst.  Jeff is an award winning, professional photogapher with a love of the outdoors and fishing.  Whenever possible, Jeff likes to combine his interests, and some of the results are seen in the landscape and macro fly tying photographs on this website. 

So What Exactly is Paracord

Paracord is of military origin and was used extensively in WWII as parachute cordage and general utility cord.  Known as paracord, 550 cord, and survival cord, it is a nylon rope rated with a 550 pound breaking strenth, it is lightweight, has a smooth feel, and can be extremely versatile.  Now widely marketed as a 'survival cord', the thin rope really can have a wide range of uses, such as:  securing tents/shelters, hanging food at camp, netting, lanyards, shoelaces, belts, lashing, using inner cores for fishing line and sewing, snare trapping. 


Stone in trout stream

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